About Us

Marcher International LLC is a communications and research consultancy based in Washington, Cairo and London. We assist governments and private sector clients to understand and engage with political institutions, social networks and local populations in post-conflict and other challenging markets. Marcher is able to develop solutions for security, defense, international development and commercial clients operating in complex information and political environments. We bring together over 40 years combined experience working in challenging environments in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Marcher’s operations are underpinned by access to a network of employees and consultants with experience of proprietary formal research, professional academic work, and commercial and government operations. Often operating in more traditional communities, Marcher’s analysts have built extensive in-country contacts and relationships within tribal and other networks over many years and are able to facilitate access throughout many restricted environments. Within our areas of subject matter expertise, we attach particular emphasis to:

  • Population engagement
  • Stability operations
  • Counter Insurgency
  • Religious networks and Counter Radicalisation
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Political activism and opposition groups
  • Tribe/state relations
  • Environmental issues
  • Counter Narcotics
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility